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I made a major life “transition” a few weeks ago.  I got married.  Spontaneously.  But it was to a guy I’ve known since I was 19.  The whole experience from concept through execution was what can only be described as madcap.  Haha.   I’ve turned into one of those giggly brides who has nothing but minutiae to share about every single little thing going on… and even as I hear myself saying some of this stuff, I can’t quite believe other people don’t find him as fascinating as I do.  LOL.   That’s not to say that we don’t have our challenges.  With as many years as we’ve been friends, we’ve just learned how to argue without yelling at each other.  We fuss.


Today we went and did a storage run.  I had stuff in a unit across town and needed to move it to a unit closer to the house.  Simple, straightforward, should’ve been a 2 hour job at most.  About 4 hours into the move I was reminded of a hike I used to do on Fryman Canyon.  Fryman is a paved loop off Laurel Canyon and is one of the better things about living in the valley.  It has two major components:  Uphill and downhill.


The first time I walked it I was with a girlfriend.  We barely survived the uphill portion and ended up stopping to let the old ladies pass us so we wouldn’t hold them up.  By the third time we did it we could do the uphill in one go, but we still couldn’t talk.  We’d been seeing this woman about our own age for a couple of weeks and one morning our walk coincided with hers.  It was after the first two major turns, I was sweating, my girlfriend was sweating, and this woman was sweating, but still kicking it in high gear.  I was inspired.  I tried to match her stride for stride.  By the time we got to the plateau at the top of the hill, we all needed a break.


“I call that part of the hill my ‘get right with God’ time,” she said.  “You know, you hit that one part where you can’t talk anymore, you’re barely able to breathe and your heart is pumping.  Yeah, that’s when you think about all the challenges you are facing, all the blessings you have, and just step.  Mmmhmm.  And then when you get here, [to the plateau], you can say, ‘thank you Jesus!'”  We had a good laugh at that one.  Anyway, ever since then whenever I’m in the middle of a challenging situation I always think, “God must want me to pay attention to him.”

Well, today I probably should’ve just headed straight to church.

Written by Alyss Dixson

March 20, 2009 at 5:35 am

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