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I know there are going to be a gang of these books coming out over the next few months.  I’ll probably do a round-up of them at some point.  I voted for O, but was not a starry-eyed devotee like most of my friends.  LOL.  I’m a true Cynic.  And definitely NOT a Clintonista.  Anyway, one of my favorite anecdotes from the book is below, and true or not, very funny. 

‘Renegade’ CliffsNotes – Print View

Rendell Drinks The Obama Kool-Aid — Literally

After Obama locked up the nomination, Pennsylvania Gov. and ardent Clinton supporter Ed Rendell got a note from an Obama supporter attached to a can of Kool-Aid telling him to drink up.

So the next day at a Philadephla fundraiser for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, the ever-demonstrative governor poured it into a glass of water and proclaimed: “Now I feel that Senator Obama is the most wonderful person ever to have lived in the United States of America. The smartest, most sensitive most decent and honorable man. Now I understand what you guys have been feeling for the last six months.”

Rendell is such a phenomal ass.  There are a number of other anecdotes which, true or apocryphal are funny as hell.

Written by Alyss Dixson

June 2, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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