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I feel famous.  LOL.  I may have mentioned that I grew up in Portland, Oregon.  A wonderful place to grow up.  So wonderful in fact that about 90% of my friends from childhood still live there.  Heck, back in the 80s there weren’t too many of us that ever left the state to go to school.  And even fewer who left to go to Ivy League schools…. And the number of us who left for Ivy League schools and also happened to be black… or mixed?  Well, let’s just say outside of my family… it was me, Sheila Ducksworth and Heidi Durrow.  I followed both of those women from the rain forests of Oregon to the chilly New England Shores of Connecticut.

They are like ghost siblings — I was the second child in my family and everywhere I went I was compared to my older sister, Adrienne.  When I graduated highschool and went to college I was sooooo sure those days had ended, I could finally just be Alyss Dixson, but, ‘lo here were two more sisters, women I’d only met in passing during my freshman year in highschool, or over the summer (Portland is a very small town), who nonetheless became suffixes to any introduction, “Oh, this is Alyss-she’s-from-the-same-school-as-Sheila/Heidi”.  LOL.  Luckily, these two women are crazy overachievers, and you know what they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Heidi’s first book, THE GIRL WHO FELL FROM THE SKY is coming out next February thru Algonquin Press and I’m so excited for her!!  I just saw this on her twitter (@hdurrow) and had to blog it!  I can’t wait to read it.  She’s a lovely, accomplished woman, and this is just another feather in that crowded cap of hers.  I hope you get a chance to put in your pre-order.  And here’s the link to the write up in Publisher’s Weekly (ooh, fancy!). 

Fall Firsts – 6/29/2009 – Publishers Weekly

And a little taste from the book itself:

Opening lines: ā€œ ‘You my lucky piece,’ Grandma says. Grandma has walked me the half block from the hospital lobby to the bus stop. Her hand is wrapped around mine like a leash. It is fall in Portland and it is raining. Puddle water has splashed up on my new shoes. My girl-in-a-new dress feeling has faded.ā€

Written by Alyss Dixson

June 30, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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