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This year I am going to do everything writing: earn money, process my emotions, reach out to friends, and now… get in shape! A girlfriend forwarded me an offer she received — for a few blogposts a week I get to work out FOR FREE at this insane boot camp. The twist? Because of my other commitments the only time I can make room for it is at 5 AM. Ugh. BUT, last night I packed up clothes, various meals, put my purse together (Monday I have to remember to put my keys WITH my purse, that cost me a few precious minutes!), and this morning at 4:15 AM — as in before birds and garbage trucks and CONSCIOUSNESS — I rolled out of my wonderful foam-padded, heated, down comforter covered bed, into sweatpants and a very suspect t-shirt, strapped on my ankle brace, dragged the dog outside (he was so discombobulated he just trotted along beside me, I think he thought we were fleeing from tyranny and oppression), then drove 15 miles across town, in driving rain, no less.  It was very romantic.

As my body started to creak and groan through jumping jacks, squats and mountain climbers (actually worse than climbing a mountain), I could feel fitness “flashbacks” from a time when a 4:30 workout was my norm, and I was motivated enough to put MYSELF through such torment. Ah, I love the smell of lactic acid in the morning! My lungs on the other hand just remembered all that partying I did in my 20s and were none-too-pleased. I won’t even get into what my ass thought of the whole endeavor. Suffice it to say it’s either really responding to the lunges and trampolining and mini-sprints and wall-sits and jump-roping, or my Advil is doing a great job blocking the cramping.

My deal with the guy who runs the program is that I have to blog on his site 3x a week for at least 500 words. He’s got all these requirements because the site is brand-spanking new, but since it’s “saving” me $200/month, I’m down. Now I’m thinking about what else I can trade words for… coffee? Massages? Currency? LOL.

The year of the Tiger starts up in a few weeks, folks, get your Grrrr on, cuz we are gonna BRING IT. I got that Eye. The EYE OF THE TIGER! And it’s looking at YOU!! (OK, now I’m just delirious and need my oatmeal.)

Written by Alyss Dixson

January 22, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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