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I’m working on the book everyday until it’s finished. I’ve even gone so far as to rent space at a writer’s collaborative called The Writers Junction. So far, I’ve had about 3 gallons of coffee and produced 25+ pages. I’m hoping to push out another 25 pages this week.

The "Womb" room at the WJ

When you are writing, you don’t have co-workers, there’s no boss, no clock, no time “off” from the work. I’ve never rented space to work before, although I’ve always encouraged my other friends to do so. I’ve been very productive working at home or at coffeeshops or the library so it never appealed to me, especially with the responsibilities typically associated with opening up your doors: utilities, parking, leases, etc. This place has made that pretty unnecessary, although today I did circle for 20 minutes looking for parking until I gave up and went to an early lunch and found parking on my way back. That was aggravating, but not fatal.

One of the unexpected benefits is that the other writers here are like my co-workers, only we are each working on independent projects and no one shares responsibility for failures… I do expect to get a little champagne action going when the book is done and sold. Oh, yeah. Maybe more than a little of that!

My writing group has also been fantastic. I’m working on a part of the book that I’d initially cut because it felt like I didn’t have enough conflict and story to merit the pagework… I somehow saved over the draft that contained the original version of this section with an older draft last fall, and I’d pretty much put the book down at that point out of heartbreak. Now, 25-pages into the new version of that section, I can honestly say I do not remember what I’m missing which is a very good sign.

OK, enough navel-gazing, back to the salt mines. I mean gold mines. 🙂

Written by Alyss Dixson

March 9, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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  1. We LOVE having you here working! It occurs to us, maybe a toast is in order for the 20 page chunk? Celebrate the small victories all along the way…
    The Junction

    The Writers Junction

    March 12, 2010 at 10:27 pm

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