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I won’t re-post the entire piece here, but there is a very lively discussion going on over at The Atlantic Culture blog edited by Ta-Nehisi Coates regarding womens writing and gender bias in the publishing industry. It’s really crazy to see people use my name (as in, “Alyss Dixson says” or “Dixson writes”), but definitely something I could get used to!

Through my work with VIDA (formerly WILLA below), I was given an opportunity to address something that is far more insidious than outright discrimination: gender blindness. The piece I wrote was originally entitled “How Invisibility Works” but thankfully the editor (TNC really does rock) had enough sense to change.  It’s now called “On Invisibility, Gender and Publishing“.

A short quote from my piece:

As I said at top, introducing the topic of male readers’ bias against women’s writing is welcome, using this platform to advocate for greater inclusion is needed. However, lacking a deeper examination of Mr. Jackson’s own apparent gender bias results in a potentially much more destructive gender-blindness, (and I’m riffing off of Mr. Wise’s great essay about liberal racial bias, With Friends Like These, Who Needs Glen Beck? Racism and White Privilege in the Liberal Left, and this Julian Bond reference: “To be blind to color, as Julian Bond has noted, is to be blind to the consequences of color, ‘and especially the consequences of being the wrong color in America.'”).

Anyway,  I hope you get a chance to read through the piece, and the comments, they are fantastic. Really a terrific discussion that was hoped for but unexpected.  Bravo to Mr. Coates for maintaining such a civil space for discussion in the wild wild web.


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