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VIDA and The Count: 2010

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This should come wrapped around a can of Whoop Ass

Last spring I wrote about a group of women writers I volunteer with — at the time the group was known as WILLA, but after securing non-profit status, a fantastic group of pro bono lawyers, a configuring of Executive Board and the various work committees, it was reborn as VIDA. The mission remains the same: advocate for gender equality in print.

Since that time, a number of articles have been published by these intrepid women (here, here, here, here and my own rant on The Atlantic). And who knows what will come of the VIDA-liciousness going down at AWP as we speak.  I’m so pleased,  proud and overwhelmed with the vigor and reach of the organization. I hope that these data push the conversation from the lame “quality” over “quota” arguments that have stalled out true parity onto something more substantive and productive. Gender bias is present in men AND women, and it hurts to know that we have often been our own worst enemies. I see it in the entertainment industry at all levels, and for it be laid so bare, here, in the publishing world as well, should serve to rally all of us. Self-examination, challenging opinions, reassessing results: the process of uncovering and eradicating bias is unending.

This is who pops out of that Whoop Ass Can

I believe the theme for this year is: Walk softly, but carry a big stick.


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